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 (no͞o′vō, no͞o-vō′)
New and different, often fashionably so: "The perfect [Los Angeles] combination: a gas station that is also a nouveau convenience store" (David Mermelstein).

[From phrases such as art nouveau.]


(ˈnuːvəʊ) or before a plural noun


(prenominal) facetious or derogatory having recently become the thing specified: a nouveau hippy.
[C20: French, literally: new; on the model of nouveau riche]


(ˈnu voʊ, nuˈvoʊ)

newly or recently created, developed, or come to prominence.
[1805–15; < French: new; Old French novel < Latin novellus]
References in classic literature ?
He had been anxious about the reception he would have as a nouveau, for he had read a good deal of the rough joking to which a newcomer was exposed at some of the studios; but Mrs.
Stunned, Margaret did not move from the best parlour, over which the touch of art nouveau had fallen.
1838; "Le nouveau Pere Adam et la nouvelle Mere Eve," 2 tom.
Il est fort probable que l'actuelle presidente de l'UTICA, Wided Bouchamaoui, retire sa candidature a un nouveau mandat a la tete de la centrale patronale", a confie, mardi, une source bien informee, a l'agence TAP.
To achieve this aim, both firms will seek establish a new corporation that will be owned 51 percent by Shinzoom and 49 percent by Nouveau Monde.
LOVELY vase caught my eye recently, Art Nouveau in design, and engraved by Daum Nancy.
Un nouveau code d'investissement cense favoriser le climat des affaires en Tunisie a ete vote samedi dernier par le Parlement, dans l'espoir de relancer l'attractivite economique du pays, confronte a une croissance atone.
Synopsis: "Art Nouveau: 50 Works Of Art You Should Know" is a collection of the finest examples of Art Nouveau and shows how the movement impacted every artistic discipline.
The latest new edition of the classic Art Nouveau covers a wide range of the art form, from dance and architecture to fashion and advertising, and pairs gorgeous illustrations with an in-depth probe of how the movement emerged to become an international phenomenon that affected not just the arts, but modern culture as a whole.
Ce nouveau service maritime est concu specialement pour l'exportation de produits perissables.
Inspired by the unruly aspects of the natural world, the Art Nouveau style affected art, illustration, design and architecture from 1890 to 1910.
The Beaujolais Nouveau Day will be marked in Armenia for the second time.