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 (nō-vär′ə, -vä′rä)
A city of northwest Italy west of Milan. It is an agricultural and industrial center.


(Italian noˈvaːra)
(Placename) a city in NW Italy, in NE Piedmont: scene of the Austrian defeat of the Piedmontese in 1849. Pop: 100 910 (2001)


(noʊˈvɑr ə)

a city in NE Piedmont, in NW Italy. 102,086.
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The HFF team worked on behalf of the development group, a partnership between Novare Group and Batson-Cook Development Company (BCDC), to secure a construction loan through BBVA Compass Bank and Trustmark Bank and joint venture equity through an investor advised by Stockbridge Capital Group (Stockbridge).
Previous positions also include president of Investor Growth Capital, as well as positions with Novare Kapital AB and McKinsey & Co .
Like many repurposed buildings in the new Armour Yards development, American Spirit Works houses multiple businesses as tenants, including The Stave Room, a 7,500 square feet event space managed by Buckhead Theater and Biltmore Ballroom operators The Novare Group, and ASW Distillery, opening July 21, 2016.
In South Africa alone, investors targeting the rest of Africa include Sanlam, Stanlib, Atterbury, Resilient, Ivora Capital, Delta International and Novare.
12th Street in the West Village, 441 East 57th Street in Sutton Place, The Novare at 135 W.
Looking at individual manuscript collections of works by Philippe de Novare, Marie de France, Robert de Blois, Adam de la Halle, and Rutebeuf, Mikhailova-Makarius observes a striking pattern in the way in which compilers present these authors and their oeuvres; in each case, the author's life and progression of works are made to mirror the exemplary narrative structure of the saint's life, evolving in their subject matter from youthful love to worldly affairs to divine contemplation.
Des quatre ages de l'homme: traite de moral de Philippe de Novare, Paris, Didot, 1888.
The pair had also helped renovate his other establishment, Novare Res Bier Cafe, which opened in central Portland in 2008.
Another profitable business is the professional consulting engineering services as stressed by Thomas Zazworka, Cambodia Manager of Novare Design International (NDI), an international design firm which entered Cambodia in July 2012.
Novare Technologies, a Philippine-based technology consulting company, was recently awarded a contract by Bharti Airtel, the fourth largest mobile operator with more than 270 million subscribers in 20 countries across the world.
Boards need to understand that in emerging markets the first touch-point consumers have with the Internet is usually not their computer but their mobile phone," said Myla Villanueva, CEO of telecom Novare Technologies (Philippines).