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 (nō′wā′) Informal
adv. also no·ways (-wāz′)
In no way or degree; nowise.
interj. also no way
Used to express emphatic negation.


in no manner; not at all; nowise. Also in the US (not standard): noways
sentence substitute
used to make an emphatic refusal, denial, etc

no′ way′

Informal. absolutely not; no.



also no′ways`,

in no way; not at all; nowise.
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We talked the murder and the ghost over and over again, and got so creepy and crawly we couldn't get sleepy nohow and noway.
Cedric the Saxon, if offended, and he is noway slack in taking offence, is a man who, without respect to your knighthood, my high office, or the sanctity of either, would clear his house of us, and send us to lodge with the larks, though the hour were midnight.
At next month's Frogstock, Amazing Spacefrogs, NoWay, Murdaball and Millgrams will be performing.
Noway are in group H for the European Championships, facing Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Malta with Daehli saying: "Italy at home is our first qualifi-cation fixture and Croatia are in our group as well.
But to those who suggest tennis is also tarnished by doping I would point to Federer and say there's noway that man could take drugs over a 10-year period and be as consistently boring as hehas been.
Other countries like Canada and Australia and Noway and Switzerland have added sanctions that go beyond the limited scope of the UN resolutions.
NOWAY THROUGH: Manchester United's Tom Cleverley tries to get past West Bromwich Albion''s James Morrison
Azza, who lives in the Noway village of Minya, wishes that she could learn a craft or have a small business, through which she can earn her living and help her father with the living costs.
Five sub-stations operating during daylight hours only would be left at either Crosby or Belfast, Falmouth, Humber, Swansea and either Shetland or Stor noway.
Africa,Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Austria, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Noway, Poland, Germany, Peru, Mexio, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Christmas Island, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, S.
Noway should webe criticising what allowances/pensions our senior citizens are eligible for - unquestionably they deserve it.
I've not been asked about pay reviews and if I had it would be hard - there's never been a bonus incentive scheme because there's noway of measuring its success.