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(2008), 'Nowcasting: the real-time informational content of macroeconomic data', Journal of Monetary Economics, 55, pp.
This article highlights the importance of observing and reporting hail depth and the need to bring forward new ideas and state-of-the-art practices for identifying, tracking, and nowcasting surface hail accumulations from thunderstorms.
The editors have organized the contributions that make up the main body of their text in four parts devoted to methodology, factor structure and specification, instability, and nowcasting and forecasting.
This qualitative survey is published one week after the end of each quarter and nine weeks ahead of the official quantitative data thereby giving architect opinion nowcasting status.
One area of research is the development of nowcasting techniques based on available remote sensing technology and numerical weather prediction (NWP) models to identify areas of high ice water content (IWC) and enable the provision of alerts to the aviation industry.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's inflation nowcasting model provides a daily nowcast of inflation for both the PCE and CPI.
The statistical models we consider below let the data decide which questions are most helpful when nowcasting, and thereby automate the choice so that judgment plays no role.
ECCC had very positive experiences with previous international forecast demonstration projects that focused on thunderstorm and winter complex terrain nowcasting (Keenan et al.
An overview is provided of the issues raised in the recent literature on the use of real-time data in the context of nowcasting and forecasting UK macroeconomic events.