(nō′wârz′, -hwârz′)
adv. Nonstandard


(ˈnoʊ ʰwɛərz, -wɛərz)

adv. Nonstandard.
References in classic literature ?
The day after the opera the Rostovs went nowhere and nobody came to see them.
Nowhere are the ladies more assiduously courted; nowhere are they better appreciated as the contributors to our highest enjoyments; and nowhere are they more sensible of their power.
But nowhere was pictured any of his own people; in all the book was none that resembled Kerchak, or Tublat, or Kala.
It will give me great pleasure," said he "to accept your kind invitation; for nowhere in the Land of Oz could I hope to meet with so congenial a company.
Now, in the words of the writer before quoted--the learned doctor himself nowhere puts it so concisely: "A man inclosed in such a closet could neither see nor be seen; neither hear nor be heard; neither feel nor be felt; neither live nor die, for both life and death are processes which can take place only where there is force, and in empty space no force could exist.
So to teach men how to do this he invented a land of Nowhere in which there was no evil or injustice, in which every one was happy and good.
The poor fellow could not endure the terrors of the white man's parlor, and felt at home and at peace nowhere but in the kitchen.
For five days he toiled on at "Overdue," going nowhere, seeing nobody, and eating meagrely.
In the population that throngs the st reets, the extremes of Wealth and the extremes of Poverty meet, as they meet nowhere else.
The undergrowth was, in places, thick, but nowhere impenetrable.
Although we could nowhere find, during our whole visit, a single drop of fresh water, yet some must exist; for by an odd chance I found on the surface of the salt water, near the head of the bay, a Colymbetes not quite dead, which must have lived in some not far distant pool.
The rich grew in a moment poor, and the poor as suddenly became rich; so that it seemed a philosopher could nowhere have so well instructed his pupils in the contempt of riches, at least he could nowhere have better inculcated the incertainty of their duration.