(nō′wârz′, -hwârz′)
adv. Nonstandard


(ˈnoʊ ʰwɛərz, -wɛərz)

adv. Nonstandard.
References in classic literature ?
Well, I seemed to be in the open river again by and by, but I couldn't hear no sign of a whoop nowheres.
This is wery liberal on your part, Pip," said Joe, "and it is as such received and grateful welcome, though never looked for, far nor near nor nowheres.
Don't let me ever see you nowheres within forty mile of London, or you'll repent it.
But if we had, Jawn, think what sorrow would be in our hearts this night, with our little Phelan run away and stolen in the city nowheres at all.
It's easy for New Yorkers to become exhausted by the fact that they live in one of the most identifiable cities in the world," said Matthew Jensen, artist behind the Nowhere in Manhattan project.
The intent of the Nowhere in Manhattan project is to locate, explore, document, promote and protect the last parcels of nowhere remaining within the borough of Manhattan.
The photographs are byproducts of this process and become promotions for the idea of nowhere.
More information on Matthew Jensen's Nowhere in Manhattan project can be found on the website, http://www.