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1. At the present time: goods now on sale; the now aging dictator.
2. At once; immediately: Stop now.
3. In the immediate past; very recently: left the room just now.
4. At this point in the series of events; then: The ship was now listing to port.
5. At times; sometimes: now hot, now cold.
6. Nowadays.
7. In these circumstances; as things are: Now we won't be able to stay.
a. Used to introduce a command, reproof, or request: Now pay attention.
b. Used to indicate a change of subject or to preface a remark: Now, let's get down to work.
Seeing that; since. Often used with that: Now that spring is here, we can expect milder weather.
The present time or moment: wouldn't work up to now.
1. Of the present time; current: our now governor.
2. Slang Currently fashionable; trendy: the now sound of this new rock band.
now and again/then

[Middle English, from Old English ; see nu- in Indo-European roots.]

now′ness n.


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the quality of occurring or existing in the present time
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Noun1.nowness - the quality of being the present; "a study of the pastness of the present and...of the presentness of the past"- R.E.Spiller
timing - the time when something happens
currentness, up-to-dateness, currency - the property of belonging to the present time; "the currency of a slang term"
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I feel committed to history, not as past but as a nowness: these are not only Japanese tragedies, but human tragedies.
It is precisely in this synergy that Yugantar's nowness resides.
The pointing makes use of the here and now to make manifest something in its particularity, not in its hereness and nowness. It is not a matter of targeting its presence but of making it present to target its identity, an identity that remains through the interplay of presence and absence, an identity that came to be and may one day cease to be thanks to a constellation of causal factors.
A video of him on Nowness, captured during the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennial, shows him lounging nonchalantly in sunglasses on the back of a wood-paneled boat as it motors through the Italian city's canals.
This distortion on "nowness" has confused a lot of people.
As the Poetic Research Bureau posits in their contribution to Triple Canopy's anthology Invalid Format: "make new' is of less import than make now." (30) What better way to test such nowness than with the instantaneous allure of the digital?
The articles in this special issue, especially the one by Thomas, suggest that the nowness and co-constructedness of social media sometimes conflate the living and the telling.
In a late interview, Rauschenberg called their idea "a kind of a theory of respect for nowness, essentially....
But fashion is about nowness, difference, personalities -- magazines will only survive beyond print if they embrace the same pace and openness as the brands that advertise with them."
Finally, in the third part of the article, I return to vlogger Zoella to outline in more detail how she practices accessibility, authenticity, and the temporality of nowness and connectedness and, moreover, how the broadening of her field of operation to include more traditional media changed the temporality of instantaneity constructed on YouTube.
presence of its referent, its hereness and its nowness: there are things
TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld dubbed this flow of content "The Stream," which winds its way through the Web and reorganizes it based on one singular criteria--"nowness." Plus, publishers are constantly at the mercy of newsfeed changes and algorithm shifts by social media companies that have their own bottom line to maintain.