n. Baseball
A weakly hit ground ball that does not go far from home plate and is not a bunt.

[Perhaps nub (from the fact that such balls are often hit from the end of the bat ) + -er.]
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When the Red Sox had the bases loaded in the first, Jonny Gomes tapped into an inning-ending double play, and when they had them loaded in the fourth, Mookie Betts ended the threat with a 30-foot nubber down the first base line.
Brett Thomas hit a nubber fielded by pitcher Tyler Rogers, who attempted to tag the runner coming in from third but apparently missed J.
Chin-lung Hu, who had led off the inning by beating out a nubber that traveled all of about 45 feet in the general direction of third base, scored on the play.
I had gotten called up by the Boston Red Sox and in my first game, I hit a nubber back to the pitcher, struck out, dropped a line drive in the outfield, and let an ordinary ground ball get past me in the gap.
DeWitt's bases-loaded double later in the inning gave the Dodgers a 4-1 lead, and after the intentional walk to Hu, Lowe hit a nubber to the left of the mound that Young reached for, only to have it tick off his glove and roll away.
In an odd twist of events, the game featured two unexpected power surges from a pair of light hitters, and a nubber from the biggest man in the ballpark that proved to be the biggest hit in the game.
A hand-crank nubber to use in stripping "rounds" (used in replanting) from an ear of seed corn.
Televised replays clearly showed Drew had beaten out the nubber to third, which would have loaded the bases with no one out.
With that device, the farmer simply turned the hand crank on one side of the sheller to feed each end of the ear into the nubber until only good quality flat kernels remained.
When Adrian Beltre made a highlight-worthy play on a Scott Rolen nubber to start the seventh, Lima walked off the mound to high-five his third-baseman.
After a fielder's choice at home plate on Franck Menechino's nubber, Park walked Jeremy Giambi to force in a run.
The Athletics' first three batters reached in the fourth, and after a fielder's choice at home plate on Menechino's nubber, Park walked Jeremy Giambi to force in a run.