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Noun1.nuclear club - the nations possessing nuclear weapons
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
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"The Nuclear Club members should undertake obligations and restrictions in favor of correction of their policies in the sphere of weapon of mass destruction.
The day marks country's achievement to make its way to the global nuclear club and it is also commemorated as the National Science Day to highlight Pakistan's achievements in the field of science.
The nuclear club was looked upon as an exclusive arena and the insiders were determined to keep it that way.
There is also a smug hypocrisy that members of the nuclear club have shown; while they are quick to point the finger at states that have more recently acquired nuclear weapons, they continue to build and update their arsenals.
He said that the EMRC is the regulatory authority in charge of all nuclear radiation activities in the Kingdom, and that it had secured the necessary legislation to ensure the safety and security of the reactor, the world's most modern facility, which was built on scientific basis in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and nuclear club countries.
Pakistan, like India, considers it sovereign right to become part of the global nuclear club. Although Pakistan has not been offered incentives like NSG waiver, it has harmonised its peaceful nuclear programme with the International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA) guidelines.
Pakistan fully qualifies to become member of the elite nuclear club more than any other country including India that has a poor track record as far as nuclear security is concerned.
It's been a little more than three months since North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and United States President Donald Trump met in Singapore in a historic summit aimed at curbing Pyongyang's rush to join the nuclear club and its attempts to miniaturise a weapon and deliver it on an intercontinental ballistic missile.
"During his tenure as the Prime Minister he made a bold yet subtle statement regarding India's nuclear capability by going for Pokhran test thereby helped India to ensure its entry in Nuclear Club. He however, made it unambiguously clear that the country's nuclear repository and policy is for self-defense and the country which is a believer of non-violence in no way will be in nuclear race with any country' and India will not use the nuclear power first but will be used as self-defense mechanism," prof Mukhi added.
Critique: Given the recent expansion of the international 'nuclear club' to extend to eight members, including the volatile state of North Korea, and the pending possible addition of Iran in the near future, "The End of Strategic Stability?: Nuclear Weapons and the Challenge of Regional Rivalries" makes an important and timely contribution towards our understanding of just how nuclear weapons will impact the international system in the twenty-first century.
As each new rogue member expands the nuclear club, so does the prospect of a mushroom cloud over New York or Chicago or Paris or Berlin or London or Moscow or Beijing.
North Korea now joins the nuclear club, who will be next?" - The Bishop of Chelmsford, the Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell.

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