nuclear device

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جِهاز نَوَوي
nukleární zařízení
nukleáris robbanószerkezet
nukleárne zariadenie
atom bombalı aygıt


(ˈnjuːkliəs) plural ˈnuclei (-kliai) noun
1. the central part of an atom.
2. the part of a plant or animal cell that controls its development.
nuclear (ˈnjuːkliə) adjective
1. using atomic energy. a nuclear power station; nuclear weapons.
2. of a nucleus.
ˈnuclear device noun
a device or a weapon that contains a nuclear bomb.
nuclear disarmament
the act of ceasing to store atomic weapons.
nuclear energy
atomic energy.
nuclear reactor
an apparatus for producing nuclear energy.
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Surely he should have been made an example of because it could have been a far worse outcome if a nuclear device was activated, just because he "took his eye off the ball".
If the rhetoric emanating from North Korea is to be believed, then it appears as if the regime of Kim Jong-un has achieved its ambition of becoming a state equipped with both a capable intercontinental ballistic missile that puts anywhere within the United States with range, and has also managed to develop a nuclear device to fit on top of the rocket.
North Korea has been hit by five sets of UN sanctions since it first tested a nuclear device in 2006.
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says if a nuclear device has been detonated by North Korea, it is a grave breach of UN Security Council resolutions and a provocation which he condemns without reservation.
ISIS bragged about the nuclear device on social media as a British extremist fighter claimed it would wreak havoc in London when it explodes.
government minister and several aides as they work through the implications of a nuclear device exploding in South Asia.
By RORY TEVLIN THE detonation of a nuclear device by North Korea could see airplanes dropping out of the sky, it was warned yesterday.
KCNA said that this test involved a "miniaturized and lighter nuclear device with greater explosive force than previously" and said that the test "did not pose any negative impact on the surrounding ecological environment.
Officials in Seoul have said North Korea has completed all preparations and could detonate a nuclear device at any time.
Zionists and the countries they control (the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and Australia) will keep on bullying Iran until one of two things happen: Destruction of Iran (as they did with Iraq) or Iran develops a nuclear device and escapes destruction.
The European Union adopted on 27 July a common position transposing the new sanctions against North Korea agreed by the UN Security Council in June, in response to the explosion of a North Korean nuclear device on 25 May.
Pyongyang fired the rockets yesterday, just hours after the UN condemned Monday's testing of a nuclear device by the secretive north east Asian state.

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