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Noun1.nuclear engineering - the branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction and operation of nuclear reactors
applied science, engineering science, technology, engineering - the discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems; "he had trouble deciding which branch of engineering to study"
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The Festival and its Rosatom-supported activities received enthusiastic reviews from Middle Eastern participants, including nuclear engineering students from the region's leading universities such as Alexandria University and Khartoum University (Sudan) who attended the event on the invitation of Rosatom.
At the same time, a joint GEH-ARC Nuclear engineering team is working to advance the ARC-100 design.
Foundations in Applied Nuclear Engineering Analysis, 2nd Edition
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- 78 Turkish students who are supposed to have nuclear engineering education in Russia arrived in Moscow.
HER DOCTORATE IN NUCLEAR ENGINEERING MAY BE NEWLY minted, but before even receiving it Leslie Dewan had teamed with a fellow Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, Mark Massie, to found Transatomic Power, a company marketing a design for a molten-salt reactor able to convert spent high-level nuclear waste from conventional reactors into electric power.
Summary: Two master's students in nuclear engineering from Khalifa University were selected to present their research papers at the 2013 American Nuclear Society Student Conference held at MIT.
The Georgia Tech Nuclear Engineering Department is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Nov.
of Washington) present a textbook for a senior or beginning graduate course on risk and safety in a nuclear engineering curriculum.
ANKARA, Jun 17, 2011 (TUR) -- Hundreds of Turkish students will study nuclear engineering at a leading Russian university and later be assigned in the operation process of Turkey's Akkuyu nuclear power plant.
Those nine represent more Black students in nuclear engineering than the rest of the country combined.
Summary: Researcher in nuclear engineering Amar Mansouri said Thursday in Algiers that France, by abandoning the nuclear tests sites in Algeria leaving them open with contaminated materials and equipments committed a double crime against the Algerians.
International Resource News-24 December 2009-Guangdong Nuclear Power signs contract with China Nuclear Engineering Group(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.

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