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 (no͞o′klē-ĭt, nyo͞o′-)
v. (-āt′) nu·cle·at·ed, nu·cle·at·ing, nu·cle·ates
1. To bring together into a nucleus.
2. To act as a nucleus for.
3. To provide a nucleus for.
To form a nucleus.

nu′cle·a′tion n.
nu′cle·a′tor n.


(Biology) having a nucleus
vb (intr)
(Biology) to form a nucleus
ˌnucleˈation n
ˈnucleˌator n


(adj. ˈnu kli ɪt, -ˌeɪt, ˈnyu-; v. -ˌeɪt)

adj., v. -at•ed, -at•ing. adj.
1. having a nucleus.
2. to form (something) into a nucleus.
3. to form a nucleus.
[1860–65; < Latin nucleātus having a kernel. See nucleus]
nu`cle•a′tion, n.
nu′cle•a`tor, n.


Past participle: nucleated
Gerund: nucleating

I nucleate
you nucleate
he/she/it nucleates
we nucleate
you nucleate
they nucleate
I nucleated
you nucleated
he/she/it nucleated
we nucleated
you nucleated
they nucleated
Present Continuous
I am nucleating
you are nucleating
he/she/it is nucleating
we are nucleating
you are nucleating
they are nucleating
Present Perfect
I have nucleated
you have nucleated
he/she/it has nucleated
we have nucleated
you have nucleated
they have nucleated
Past Continuous
I was nucleating
you were nucleating
he/she/it was nucleating
we were nucleating
you were nucleating
they were nucleating
Past Perfect
I had nucleated
you had nucleated
he/she/it had nucleated
we had nucleated
you had nucleated
they had nucleated
I will nucleate
you will nucleate
he/she/it will nucleate
we will nucleate
you will nucleate
they will nucleate
Future Perfect
I will have nucleated
you will have nucleated
he/she/it will have nucleated
we will have nucleated
you will have nucleated
they will have nucleated
Future Continuous
I will be nucleating
you will be nucleating
he/she/it will be nucleating
we will be nucleating
you will be nucleating
they will be nucleating
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been nucleating
you have been nucleating
he/she/it has been nucleating
we have been nucleating
you have been nucleating
they have been nucleating
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been nucleating
you will have been nucleating
he/she/it will have been nucleating
we will have been nucleating
you will have been nucleating
they will have been nucleating
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been nucleating
you had been nucleating
he/she/it had been nucleating
we had been nucleating
you had been nucleating
they had been nucleating
I would nucleate
you would nucleate
he/she/it would nucleate
we would nucleate
you would nucleate
they would nucleate
Past Conditional
I would have nucleated
you would have nucleated
he/she/it would have nucleated
we would have nucleated
you would have nucleated
they would have nucleated
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.nucleate - form into a nucleus; "Some cells had nucleated"
become, turn - undergo a change or development; "The water turned into ice"; "Her former friend became her worst enemy"; "He turned traitor"
Adj.1.nucleate - having a nucleus or occurring in the nucleus; "nucleated cells"
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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Isotactic polypropylene (iPP) exhibits an interesting polymorphic behavior [1-5], sharing four crystalline structures: monoclinic [alpha]-form [6, 7], trigonal [beta]-form [1, 8-12], triclinic [gamma]-form [13, 14] and smectic phase [15, 16], Among these crystalline forms, [beta]-form is a metastable phase and can only be obtained under the following processing conditions: melt crystallization in the presence of specific heterogeneous nucleating agent (NA) [17, 18], by directional crystallization in certain temperature [19], or from melts subjected to shear [20, 21].
A new family of liquid nucleating and clarifying agents is said to offer processors of PP and HDPE the ability to reduce cycle times while obtaining the cost and accuracy advantages of liquid additives.
These microstructures consist of semi-crystalline thermoplastics attached to nanoparticle nucleating agents.
Hence, the nucleating agent and the compatibilizer were used to improve tensile properties and compatibility of the PBAT/PLA composite films.
Multi-amides as very important materials have been widely used in synthetic intermediates [1], material chemistry [2], polymer [3, 4] and so on, due to their excellent antitumour, antibacterial and nucleating properties [5], etc.
Micro-lamellar talcs, including the Mistrocell range, are said to make ideal nucleating agents for new polyolefin-based foam composites used to produce lightweight materials with improved stiffness at lower densities.
Products representing these benefits at K 2013 will include: Millad NX 8000 and NX 8500E clarifying agents for PP; Hyperform HPN 68L, HPN-20E and HPN-600ei nucleating agents for PP; Hyperform HPN-20E nucleating agent for PE, and Hyperform HPR-803i reinforcing agent.
Milliken will also demonstrate the benefits of its nucleating agent Hyperform HPN-600ei for better transparency and excellent visual appearance, lightweighting, and PET/PS replacement in thermoforming cups and trays.
In order for precipitation to occur, a nucleating particle must be present to allow for aggregation of water molecules.
Hyperform nucleating agents are also used in sheet and profile extrusion, such as pipe applications where they offer improved stiffness.
In simple terms, grain refining is the process of adding nucleating material to the melt to initiate grain growth.
The European Food Safety Authority has approved the use of Hyperform[R] HPN-68 for use in food applications, which means that this high-speed nucleating agent for polypropylene from Milliken & Co has now gained acceptance for food related applications virtually worldwide.