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 (no͞o′klē-ō-kăp′sĭd, nyo͞o′-)
The nucleic acid of a virus together with the protein coat that encloses it.


(Biology) biology a structural unit consisting of the genetic material of a virus and the protein that surrounds it


(ˌnu kli əˈkæp sɪd, ˌnyu-)

the nucleic acid core and surrounding capsid of a virus; the basic viral structure.
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The epithelial membrane gets degenerated and liberates nucleocapsids into the cytoplasm.
7) Flaviviruses are single-stranded, positive-sense RNA viruses with icosahedral nucleocapsids.
The effectiveness and versatility of the newly developed methods will be tested on two viral nucleocapsids of different architectures, the icosahedral capsid of non-tailed bacteriophage AP205 and the filamentous, helical nucleocapsid of Measles virus.
It is also reported that the nucleocapsids of Morbilliviruses attach with lymphocytes of their natural hosts and induce an immunosuppression (Kerdiles et al.
DISCUSSION: Flaviviruses are icosahedral nucleocapsids surrounded by an envelope and a single-stranded, positive-polarity RNA genome.
Nascent particles are formed when the helical nucleocapsids align along cytoplasmic membranes of the budding compartment (the membrane region between the rough endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi complex), and virions obtain their membranes by budding into the cisternal lumen.
WSSV virions are enveloped, rod-shaped nucleocapsids with a bacilliform to ovoid or ellipsoid shape (22).
The virions were enveloped and measured approximately 300 nm in length and had brick-shaped nucleocapsids with a biconcave core.
Nucleocapsids were sometimes penetrated by stain (although the intact envelope was impermeable to stain) 100-110 nm in diameter.
25] In two other cases of otosclerosis, McKenna et al also observed on electron microscopy filamentous structures that were morphologically very similar to paramyxoviral nucleocapsids in osteoblasts.
Baculoviruses occlude their nucleocapsids in polyhedral shaped OBs that may carry over 100 virions (nucleopolyhedroviruses, NPVs, genera Alphabaculovirus specific for lepidopteran, Gammabaculovirus specific for hymenopteran, and Deltabaculovirus specific for dipteran) or in granular OBs carrying only one virion (granuloviruses, GV, genus Betabaculovirus specific for lepidopteran) (Jehle et al.
The virions were surrounded by the glycoprotein spikes, and the individual nucleocapsids inside the virions were seen as thin threads (when cut longitudinally) or dark dot-like figures (when cut in cross-section) and measured [approximately equal to]8 nm in diameter (Figure 1, panels B and C).