nude sculpture

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Noun1.nude sculpture - a statue of a naked human figure
statue - a sculpture representing a human or animal
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The David, for instance, is the first large-scale nude sculpture created since the classical period.
Although he reacted negatively to some nude sculpture, it is not fair to conclude that Hawthorne had a "curious aversion to the representation of the nude in sculpture." More often than not, he was fascinated by nudity even as he struggled to control and understand his responses to what he saw.
Occasionally, a commissioned piece carries with it a poignancy that is almost overwhelming, as in the case of a woman who sent Leckie pictures and asked him to create a nude sculpture of her.
Each sensual nude sculpture in the "Ladies of the Vine" series offers Thomas a new challenge as he creates a different piece for a different kind of wine.
Through postmodern analyses of classic nude sculpture, painting, photography, Internet images, the Museum of Sex, and performance art, Dennis (modern and contemporary art history, U.
Nude sculpture: This is by an artist called Walter Ewlson and I bought it at an exhibition.
One of the indications of Femme piquee's departure from the norms governing female nude sculpture is its depiction of a particular, immediate and material body rather than "the female body" of conventional nudes (where "the" connotes the abstract, the generic, the metaphysical).