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nudge 1

tr.v. nudged, nudg·ing, nudg·es
1. To push against gently, especially in order to gain attention or give a signal.
2. To come close to; near: "The temperature was nudging 105 degrees in the shade" (Scouting).
A gentle push.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin.]

nudg′er n.

nudge 2

 (no͝oj) Informal
n. & v.
Variant of noodge.
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Noun1.nudger - someone who nudges; someone who gives a gentle push; "he needs a regular nudger to keep him awake"
shover, pusher - someone who pushes
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(64) Hence, a would-be nudger, like an employer-provided wellness program, might respond by adopting a weight-loss challenge that attempts to harness the herd mentality to promote weight loss, or it might opt to offer healthier options in its vending machines and on-site cafeteria.
The line between nudging people to do the right thing in their own interest and Machiavellian maneuvers intended to get them to go along with what someone else has decided is good for them (or perhaps simply good for the "nudger") is sometimes thin.
The closure of airspace by Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Egypt acted as a nudger for the Qatari state, paralysing it economically.
Reunited with husband Alfie, sisters Vera and Irene and brothers Nudger and Frankie.
(18) For these people, the nudger effectively makes the choice.
LAFARO - TUPPENY NUDGER (Officially released 2010, on 'Lafaro')
(174) See REBONATO, supra note 16, at 221-26 (questioning whether the government can act as a "benevolent nudger").
Even the most diffident nudger must ultimately select which of the "people's ends" to facilitate, often amidst competing ends.
9.30 (440m): Nudger (scr), Sandy Boy (1), Ellie's Star (2), Terry Turbo (3), Callaway (5), Malibu (5).
Edward wants to kill the new being, whereas she discovers to her own surprise that she wants to keep "the little nudger:"
You're good at this, Taurus, you can nudge like no other nudger nudges.
Martin, voicing a sentiment many fans expressed, pinpoints the perceived ruination of the book to "the moment I read the words 'little nudger,'" a term used by Bella to refer to her unborn child (Breaking Dawn 133).