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Noun1.Nudibranchia - comprising numerous marine gastropod mollusks lacking a shell in the adult state and usually having a body like a slugNudibranchia - comprising numerous marine gastropod mollusks lacking a shell in the adult state and usually having a body like a slug
animal order - the order of animals
Opisthobranchia, subclass Opisthobranchia - gastropods having the gills when present posterior to the heart and having no operculum: includes sea slugs; sea butterflies; sea hares
nudibranch, sea slug - any of various marine gastropods of the suborder Nudibranchia having a shell-less and often beautifully colored body
genus Hermissenda, Hermissenda - genus of marine sea slugs
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But based on lab experiments, the authors of the new paper suggest the slugs prefer to eat hydroids that have just ensnared plankton, a food item nudibranchs aren't capable of capturing for themselves.
Nudibranchs include some of the most flamboyantly colourful members of the class Mollusca, and this book is a colourful and visually appealing addition to the series.
Chemical defense and evolutionary ecology of dorid nudibranchs and some other opisthobranch gastropods.
Nudibranchs, a marine gastropod mollusk and known predator, will be collected from Barnegat Bay and used in laboratory studies to determine the species that are the most effective in feeding on polyps.
We document northern range shifts associated with this anomaly for 30 species of nudibranchs and other shallow-water, benthic heterobranch gastropods from southern California to southern Oregon.
Albany was also a world-renowned natural scientist who conducted much of his research on invertebrates including nudibranchs and brachiopods.
Marine biologists have listed the hell's fire sea anemone as among the world's toxic and stinging sea creatures, along with the sea wasp box jellyfish, Irukandji jellyfish, Portuguese man o'war, cannonball jellyfish, moon jellyfish, lion's mane jellyfish, crown-of-thorns sea star, textile cone, reef stonefish, banded sea krait, short-tail stingray, soft sea slugs or nudibranchs, lionfish, puffer fish, scorpionfish, Caribbean fire coral, blue-ringed octopus, stargazer fish, striped eel catfish and sea nettle.
They imitate underwater life forms such as corals, sponges and nudibranchs.
I'm hoping to get up close and personal with puffins and various other seabirds, spot the first breeding pair of white-tailed eagles the Orkneys have seen for 100 years and snorkel World War I wrecks in Scapa Flow in search of anemones, nudibranchs and other colourful marine life.
The Reef Guide: Fishes, Corals, Nudibranchs & Other Invertebrates covers the East and South coasts of Southern Africa, and documents some 800 reef creatures to be found in this area.
We offer guests the chance to learn from experienced male and female instructors, who are fluent in Arabic, English and German, while swimming amongst large schools of fish, turtles, stingrays, leopard sharks, moray eels and nudibranchs that thrive beneath the surface in the Gulf of Oman.