nuisance value

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Noun1.nuisance value - the quality of an embarrassing situationnuisance value - the quality of an embarrassing situation; "he sensed the awkwardness of his proposal"
disadvantage - the quality of having an inferior or less favorable position
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Fellaini brings his unique nuisance value but, having only made five starts all season and clearly not match-fit after a prolonged absence, his inclusion was a risk Mourinho (above) did not need to take.
This may be a little farfetched, but is so far working to add to his mystique and nuisance value.
He takes a few steps away from the car, takes out his cellphone and begins making a call to someone with some nuisance value viz the police.
In the end, Turkey has a considerable nuisance value since March 1, 2003, when the Turkish Parliament rejected a government motion permitting the deployment of US troops to operate from Turkish bases," he said.
Deservedly, Tipuric won the manof-the-match award The Trebanos man has been supplying true grit to the Ospreys' pack all term and at the Kingspan Stadium he also contributed serious nuisance value, harrying Ulster ball-carriers at every turn.
MY MATE MAX has the draw and ability to prove far more than just nuisance value to fastest heat winner Mays Teejay in the opening semi-final of the David Naughton Memorial Super Sprint over 277m at Henlow tonight (8.
When patents are too easily obtained, that undermines the costly screen, because even a plainly invalid patent has a nuisance value greater than its cost.
Although Klopp allowed Toure to move upfield for nuisance value after his injury, the Ivorian reveals his manager showed little sympathy for him after the game was finished.
Though the women's liberation movement has grown tremendously, says Mitchell, there is no indication yet that it can claim more than nuisance value.
Miller provides plenty of nuisance value and a lot of know how, and while he always looks capable of nicking a goal, he can also set them up.
For Scotland there seem few expectations other than Celtic grit and nuisance value - ideal conditions for new broom Vern Cotter to take a few people by surprise.
This bare-bones claims make it easy for patent trolls to file shotgun-style complaints against a number of targets and settle them for nuisance value.