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Noun1.null set - a set that is empty; a set with no members
set - (mathematics) an abstract collection of numbers or symbols; "the set of prime numbers is infinite"
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ensemble négligeable
insieme nullo
zbiór miary zero
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With the thud of tracks like LongitudeLatitude, Null Set and Grube still putting our bass bins to the test, his second album 'II' was released this week continuing where 'Arvo Party' left off.
The task is tricky, he says, because the three are often considered to be mutually exclusive, in which case their intersection would be a null set. He starts by looking at the margins, and discusses complex systems in a nutshell, magic by example, future perfect, what religion is, God 3.5B (a nearsighted evolutionary panorama), and Blake magic.
The infinite Rademacher theorem [1, 2] states that every Lipschitz mapping from a separable Banach space to a Banach space with the Radon-Nikodym property (in short, RNP) is almost everywhere Gateaux differentiable, i.e., everywhere Gateaux differentiable off an Aronszajn null set. It is shown in [3, 4] that Aronszajn null sets (introduced by Aronszajn [1]), Gauss null sets (introduced by Phelps [5]), and cube null sets (introduced by Mankiewicz [6]) coincide.
Assume [phi]([SIGMA]) [??] [SIGMA] and [mu]([phi](A)) = 0 for every null set A [member of] [SIGMA], and let W [member of] B([L.sup.[infinity]] ([SIGMA])).
Consider the following two cases: (I) [S.sub.pis] is a null set; (II) otherwise.
But what happens when we don't find anything, when we get zero results, a null set? Sometimes we can be so focused on finding one or more perfect answers, it can be easy to forget that, for some searches, an empty result set is exactly what the user wants, or that "no results" can lead to a more refined question.
Because node 1 (or n(j) which is jth node j = 1) when i = 1) is considered to be a receiver node, N(r) (or the neighboring nodes N(j) where j = 1, i = 1) becomes {1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10} and N(r) - N(s) equals {4, 6, 10}, which is not a null set. This process can be expressed as [[there exists].sub.n]{n:n [member of] N(j) and n [member of] N(i)} because [[there exists].sub.n] means there exist nodes such as {4, 6, 10} satisfying the rule of {n:n [member of] N(j) and n [not member of] N(i)}.
At a time when"principled politicians" sometimes seem a null set, it's remarkable how often Carter showed spine.
If [d.sub.t] [less than or equal to] d/4, [y.sub.k] falls into [N.sub.t]; if [d.sub.t] > d/4, for every t, [y.sub.k] falls into null set [N.sub.s].
Aphoria is made of three sections ("We Gather At Night," "The City Salutes Itself," and "I Live Here Now"), each section comprised of poems titled "( )" (which, to this mathy reader, seems a softened way of saying null set).
Among professors, humor equals the null set, according to Joseph J.