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A ravine or gully, especially in southern Asia.

[Bengali and Hindi nālā, channel, nullah, and similar forms in other Indic languages, all from Middle Indic nāḷa, nāla, hollow stalk, tube, from Sanskrit nāḍaḥ, from naḍaḥ, reed, variant (perhaps influenced by Dravidian words akin to Kannada naḷ, reed) of nadaḥ; akin to Persian nay, reed, flute, Armenian net, arrow, and Hittite nātaš, reed, arrow, and perhaps further akin to Sanskrit nadati, he roars, howls, cries.]


(Physical Geography) a stream or drain
[C18: from Hindi nālā]


or na•la

(ˈnʌl ə)

n., pl. -lahs or -las. (esp. in S Asia)
a gully or ravine.
[1770–80; < Hindi nālā brook, ravine]
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Noun1.nullah - a ravine or gully in southern Asia
vale, valley - a long depression in the surface of the land that usually contains a river
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Now was our opportunity, and firing away as quickly as we could load, we killed five of the poor beasts, and no doubt should have bagged the whole herd, had they not suddenly given up their attempts to climb the bank and rushed headlong down the nullah.
He was on a tiger-shooting expedition, and as his elephant was crossing a nullah, it squealed.
I had been away on a distant plantation, and was riding slowly home in the evening, when my eye fell upon something all huddled together at the bottom of a steep nullah.
Meanwhile Leh Management Plan had been devised to save a large population residing along the banks of Nullah Leh, he informed.
The World Bank team represented by senior urban specialist Yoo Hee Kim, specialist Sohaib Akhtar and analyst Kabir Dawani which has already surveyed Gujjar Nullah and Orangi Nullah now plans to survey Korangi Nullah and Soldier Bazaar Nullah.
A sewerage nullah recently built in Mehdiabad village with spending of huge funds has been damaged from different places.
Commuters faced difficulty at Fazal-e-Haq road of Blue area where water remained stagnant due to down pouring while nullah crossing from G-10 threw water on roads as it was full of garbage which eventually led it towards denial of absorbing rainfall.
QUETTA:Police have arrested 70 drug addicts and six narcotics dealers from Quetta's main nullah on Tuesday.
They reviewed the construction work of a wall of a nullah in Malir Model zone here, said a statement.
SIALKOT -- Several areas in Sialkot have been inundated due to high level flood in Nullah Palkhu, Nullah Dek and Nullah Aik, reported on Thursday.
Mian Yawar directed PHE Department to complete all bridges over Nullah Bhaid and drainage management on Daska- Sialkot Road.
KARACHI: Torrential downpours on Monday severely affected various low-lying areas in the city especially alongside Orangi nullah, where rainwater entered the houses and the residents were shifted to relief camps established in school buildings.