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n. nuligrávida, mujer que nunca ha concebido.
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Logistic regression analysis revealed that grand multigravida female had the lower risk of GDM as compared to multi, primi and nulligravida [OR=0.16 (95% CI 0.05-0.56; P=0.004)] while increased age ([greater than or equal to] 30 years), working status, place of living, hypertension, family history of DM and BMI were not found significant risk factors for GDM (Table-IV).
A 49-year-old nulligravida woman referred to Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran, Hospital, gynecologic-oncology department in 2017, Aug.
Here, we present a case of LPD, which developed in a nulligravida woman who received no exogenous hormone therapy.
At the time of diagnosis, 56 (21.5%) of the patients were nulligravida, 117 (41.3%) were nulliparous, and 51 (17.5%) were with the complaint of infertility.
The patient was nulligravida, with no couple, had never attempted a pregnancy, with regular menses since the age of 12.
A 22-year-old Caucasian female, nulligravida, presented to our institute (a tertiary referral center) complaining of a slowly growing painful mass at the right lateral neck.
Chaya Chinda C et al [8] observed that younger age, nulligravida, lower income, coffee consumption of greater than 1 cup/day, complained of moderate-to-severe dysmenorrhea and had negative attitude towards menstruation.
A 33-years-old patient, nulligravida, was referred to the Medical Institute for pelvic pain increasing for several weeks and bloating of the lower abdomen in progression without sign evocative of pregnancy.