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A woman who has never given birth.

[Latin nūllus, none; see ne in Indo-European roots + -para.]

nul·lip′a·rous adj.
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n. nulípara, mujer que nunca ha dado a luz un feto con vida.
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The analysis included 60 women (15 nulliparous, 15 after one pregnancy, 15 after two pregnancies, and 15 after at least three pregnancies).
Study subjects include 1,568 women aged 16-35 years at enrollment (986 were nulliparous and 433 were obese) and 146 aged 36-45 years.
Safely assessment of a large-scale improvement collaborative to reduce nulliparous cesarean delivery rates.
However, no study evaluating the difference of cytological profiles of vaginal epithelial cells between nulliparous and multiparous ewes has been developed.
Investigators included 9 trials with both nulliparous and multiparous women and 6 trials with only nulliparous women.
Only one epidemiological study showed an association between higher PFAAs and longer TTP in nulliparous women (Fei et al.
Objective: To analyze the Caesarean Section (CS) rate among different groups of consultants dealing with Nulliparous Term Singleton pregnancy with Vertex (NTSV) presentation delivering at a tertiary care hospital of Karachi over four months.
Out of total 100 study cases, 53% were nulliparous, 10% were primiparous while 37% of the women were found to be multiparous.
deliveries during 2009-2013 identified two new significant dangers posed to neonates delivered by planned home births: nulliparous pregnancies and deliveries at 41 weeks' gestational age or older.
The second largest contributor was groups 1 and 2 combined, the singleton nulliparous women with cephalic presentation at term.
The objective of the study was to determine the perinatal outcome of elective induction with expectant management in elderly nulliparous women [greater than or equal to]35 years of age at term ([greater than or equal to] 39 weeks of gestation)