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n. Informal.
a person, computer, or computer program that performs a great many numerical calculations.
num′ber-crunch`ing, adj.
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An autistic number-cruncher works for criminals as an accountant.
Ethan is a Wall Street "quant", a number-cruncher who devises an algorithm that exploits and worsens international financial instability for short-term gain.
With Gavin O'Connor the top choice to direct Bill Dubuque's original script about a mild-mannered number-cruncher who moonlights as a hit man, Warner Bros, is casting about for a star.
But the bubbly 18-year-old is far from the pen-pushing number-cruncher people nor-mally associate with account-ants.
But he was crowned "Britain's Brainiest Footballer" in an ITV show hosted by former Countdown number-cruncher Carol Vorderman, in January, 2002, seeing off a panel of 12 including England World Cup winner George Cohen and legendary striker Malcolm Macdonald.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown tells viewers in a video message that he could have done with the help of number-cruncher Vorderman when he was Chancellor.
Newport number-cruncher Gary Parker has pledged to stay in touch with his clients even when he's climbing Mount Everest
number-cruncher and database analyst Andrew Simmonds.
questions at the morning-after press conference by quoting that legendary number-cruncher, Tom Brokaw.
Nearly all thought that the vision statement moves the profession away from the role of number-cruncher toward a more desirable role focused on interpretation and value-added service.
But not the little number-cruncher developed at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.