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n. Informal.
a person, computer, or computer program that performs a great many numerical calculations.
num′ber-crunch`ing, adj.
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Number-crunchers GlobalData say Primark's share has grown to 6.
4% drop in takings in the four weeks to mid-July, according to industry number-crunchers Nielsen.
Once again remote number-crunchers have displayed a callous lack of loyalty to the people whose hard work and skills helped forge a company's success and reputation.
Of the 1,701 advisers, assistants, number-crunchers, butlers, chefs and landscapers at the White House normally, fewer than 450 are working.
There are 134 generals, admirals and air marshals but 824 number-crunchers and 153 trainees, with an annual cost of PS30million.
MATHS equalled fun this week for young number-crunchers at a Tyneside school.
Number-crunchers have analysed the statistics for all of West Ham's games in their dismal season, with their last two matches showing an increase in work rate.
ONE of the government's top number-crunchers is visiting the University of Warwick to talk about the maths of household heating bills and eradicating fuel poverty.
Number-crunchers from EU statistical agency Eurostat have compared mini-booms in European construction with rises and falls in other business sectors, and overall wealth.
NUMBER-crunchers have worked out the mathematical formula behind the perfect horror film.