numbered air force

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num·bered air force

n. Abbr. NAF
Any of numerous units of the US Air Force larger than a wing and smaller than a command, designated by an ordinal number, as in Second Air Force.
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Being able to put them in the unit, being able to take them into a Numbered Air Force or MAJCOM, and being able to give them the development that they need at NORTHCOM in a combatant command type environment.
Specifically consolidating Air and Space Operations Centers, consolidating Numbered Air Forces, saving fuel, improving our logistics and weapon system sustainment, and reducing IT costs.
ELEMENT SUBORDINATE ELEMENTS 9 major commands Air Force 35 field operating agencies 4 direct reporting units Major command 3 or more numbered air forces Numbered air force 2 or more wings Wing 3 or more groups Group 2 or more squadrons Squadron 2 or more flights VEHICLE FUEL TANK OR CAPACITY AIRCRAFT (In Gallons) HMMWV 25 M2A2 Bradley 175 M1A1 Abrams 505 UH-60 Black Hawk 362 CH-47A Chinook 621 A-10 Warthog 1,644 C-130 Hercules 6,662 C-17 Globemaster III 27,042 KC-135 Stratotanker 31,200 B-52 Stratofortress 46,630 KC-10 Extender 52,000 C-5 Galaxy 53,083
Each component, notably the Army through AAMDC and the Air Force through a numbered air force TMD cell, is pursuing the same targets, collecting and analyzing information and data to identify targets independently--resulting in duplicated efforts and wasted resources.
Additionally, as part of AIA's Information Warfare Flights (IWFs) that we are attaching to each AF Numbered Air Force, an EW element will provide assistance in areas of EW mission planning, developing requirements, collection management and tasking.
The council is made up of the numbered air force command chiefs and senior enlisted leaders in key and strategic positions throughout the command.
Colonel Zorzi is a career comptroller officer with assignments at base level, numbered air force, major command, Joint Staff Office of the Secretary of Defense, and The White House.
1, 2010, and through this new numbered air force, Airmen will be providing a crucial part of operations security by protecting our critical information, networks, and systems.
To lead the charge in the cyber arena, a new numbered Air Force, the 24th Air Force, is being organized under Air Force Space Command.
What does your squadron, wing or Numbered Air Force (NAF) do effectively that seems to get the word out?
19) The USAF Command and Control Enabling Concept enhanced airpower by providing the JFACC with a standardized organization and set of capabilities under a component numbered air force (C-NAF) equipped with an air and space operations center (AOC) and an Air Force forces (AFFOR) staff.