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Innumerable; countless: numberless lies and other prevarications.


1. too many to be counted; countless
2. not containing or consisting of numbers
ˈnumberlessly adv
ˈnumberlessness n


(ˈnʌm bər lɪs)

innumerable; countless; myriad.
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Adj.1.numberless - too numerous to be countednumberless - too numerous to be counted; "incalculable riches"; "countless hours"; "an infinite number of reasons"; "innumerable difficulties"; "the multitudinous seas"; "myriad stars"; "untold thousands"
incalculable - not capable of being computed or enumerated


adjective infinite, endless, countless, myriad, innumerable, untold, unnumbered, multitudinous numberless acts of bravery by firefighters and rescue workers
لا يُعَد، لا يُحْصى
pek çoksayısız


[ˈnʌmbəlɪs] ADJinnumerable, sin número
numberless friendsun sinfín de amigos


[ˈnʌmbəlɪs] adjinnumerevole, senza numero


(ˈnambə) noun
1. (sometimes abbreviated to no plural nos when written in front of a figure) a word or figure showing eg how many of something there are, or the position of something in a series etc. Seven was often considered a magic number; Answer nos 1–10 of exercise 2.
2. a (large) quantity or group (of people or things). He has a number of records; There were a large number of people in the room.
3. one issue of a magazine. the autumn number.
4. a popular song or piece of music. He sang his most popular number.
1. to put a number on. He numbered the pages in the top corner.
2. to include. He numbered her among his closest friends.
3. to come to in total. The group numbered ten.
ˈnumberless adjective
very many.
ˈnumber-plate noun
one of the metal plates carried on the front and back of a motor vehicle showing the registration number of the vehicle.
his etc days are numbered
he etc won't last much longer.
without number
very many. I've told him times without number (= very often) not to do that.

a number of , meaning `several', is plural: A number of boys are absent today .
the number of , meaning `the total quantity of' is singular: The number of girls in the class is small .