numbers racket

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Noun1.numbers racket - an illegal daily lotterynumbers racket - an illegal daily lottery    
lottery, drawing - players buy (or are given) chances and prizes are distributed by casting lots
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STL was launched by the PCSO in the hopes of eradicating 'jueteng,' an illegal numbers racket.
And their actions would be familiar to any mobster protecting a numbers racket.
Clair became a oladyo gangster who, to this day, remains the only female gangster to run a numbers racket as large as hers (bringing in a quarter of a million dollars a year).
Gambling was illegal in New York state outside of New York city, so it was there that the punters flourished in the numbers racket with roulette, slot machines, dice, gin rummy and crap games as well as horse racing.
All 49 runners have mathematically equal chances, the organisers pay out at way under the true odds and the exercise has about as much intellectual integrity for punters as the numbers racket the mafia used to run.
Bumby Johnson (Laurence Fishburne) is released from Sing Sing prison and returns to Harlem where he becomes the bodyguard for Queen St Clair (Cicely Tyson), the head of the Harlem numbers racket.
From brief biographies of prominent black gangsters, to their connections to La Cosa Nostra and its assimilation of the numbers racket, to the fascinating (and disturbing) tale of how gangs carried out their business while behind bars, Black Gangsters of Chicago is a thorough exploration of an oft-overlooked aspect of the seedier side of Chicago's past.
They are bets on the movements of prices in markets, not far removed from the Numbers racket which was the old "honest" business of the US Mafia, where people bet on the last three figures in the total of stock market trades or the Dream Number on your lottery ticket.
As a taster of things to come, The Numbers Racket and Paul Murphy entertained crowds at the Fishguard Bay Hotel recently.
I FEAR THAT DEAN BAKER'S casual brush-off of Social Security's "accounting fiction" ["Bush's Numbers Racket," February]--that it will be paid for by general funds when the notes come due--is too optimistic.
Worse, when the sight of some children playing on a flight of stairs reminds him, he does not ponder over any possible social significance the dream might have had, but instead uses it as a guide for picking numbers for a "policy" game, an elaborate numbers racket.
Gigino's Trattoria, a trendy Manhattan eatery owned by Louis (a fabulously crumpled Danny Aiello), a widowed old school Italian who's decided to get out of the numbers racket and concentrate on the family restaurant.