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Variant of nunchaku.
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Elsewhere around the house officers found numchucks, batons, knives and knuckle dusters hanging on the walls, and a BB machine gun was also recovered at the property.
He set the numchucks aside and French kissed me, ruining the evening: I couldn't stop thinking of him as a Kung-fu lizard.
Other items of interest handed in were two kukri ( a Nepalese knife ( a throwing knife, two bowie knives, two bill hooks, an axe switch blade, machete, bayonet, numchucks and a commando-style knife.
That and other martial arts-related gear, including karate outfits and numchucks that glow in the dark.
Claiming that inmates are fashioning knives, batons, and the martial arts weapon numchucks from the local paper, the Sarasota County (Fla.
4 Brought pipe, club, stick, bat, numchucks, or brass knuckles to school 0.