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capable of being counted, totaled, or numbered: numerable reasons
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numerous – very many; existing in great quantity: Numerous people crowded the stadium.
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 (no͞o′mər-ə-bəl, nyo͞o′-)
Capable of being counted; countable: numerable assets.

[Latin numerābilis, from numerāre, to count, from numerus, number; see number.]
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able to be numbered or counted
ˈnumerably adv
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(ˈnu mər ə bəl, ˈnyu-)

capable of being counted, totaled, or numbered.
[1560–70; < Latin numerābilis=numerā(re) to number + -bilis -ble]
nu′mer•a•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.numerable - that can be counted; "countable sins"; "numerable assets"
calculable - capable of being calculated or estimated; "a calculable risk"; "calculable odds"
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At the seminar, parents and caretakers will learn how to assess depression and anxiety in their teens, as well as receive clear and numerable options for intervening.
Sea L un lenguaje de primer orden construido con base en conectivas proposicionales, cuantificadores, un conjunto numerable de variables individuales, un conjunto numerable de constantes individuales y un conjunto numerable de simbolos de predicado (cada uno con una n-idad fija).
Povidone iodine has been in use for dressing of ulcers for a long time with good results as proved in numerable studies.
An intuitive answer would be the data point, a numerable entity that can be analyzed, mined, segmented, correlated, and valorized in endless ways.
In contrast to the numerable variable of [Ffm.sub.ijt] the dummy variable of [Find.sub.jt] was used as a measure of ratio of industry sales of non-domestic firm (NDF or foreign firms) to total sales of industry for a particular year.
If [[rho].sup.*.sub.D] = 0 or card ImpD < [[chi].sub.0] (i.e., the cardinal of impulsive time instants is numerable finite), then [x.sup.*.sub.end](t) = [x.sup.*.sub.end; [for all]t [member of] [R.sub.0+] (i.e., the limit periodic endemic solution is just an endemic equilibrium point).