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 (no͞o′mər-əl, nyo͞o′-)
A symbol or mark used to represent a number.
Of, relating to, or representing numbers.

[From Middle English, of number, from Late Latin numerālis, from Latin numerus, number; see number.]

nu′mer·al·ly adv.


another word for numerically
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In this context, oxidative stress is a potential cause of cellular dysregulation in TM, both functionally and numerally, because it has been suggested that the TM of glaucomatous eyes is continuously exposed to oxidative stress [2-7].
To numerally evaluate spectral broadening of the idlers in respect to the initial signal the width of the 5th channel spectrum at--15 dB level was obtained for the initial signal and for the idler spectral component.
Although the changes in these ratios between 2008 and 2000 are numerally small, they are statically significant.