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 (no͞o′mə-rĕr′ē, nyo͞o′-)
Of or relating to a number or numbers.

[Medieval Latin numerārius, from Late Latin, an accountant, from Latin numerus, number; see number.]


(Mathematics) of or relating to numbers


(ˈnu məˌrɛr i, ˈnyu-)

of or pertaining to a number or numbers.
[1720–30; < Medieval Latin numerārius (Late Latin: arithmetician, accountant) = Latin numer(us) number + -ārius -ary]
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Numerary members take a pledge of celibacy, live in communities, may pursue nonreligious careers and usually give their salary to the organization.
Burke, 54, is a numerary, or celibate layman, of the group erroneously called a religious order of "monks" in Dan Brown's potboiler "The Da Vinci Code.
Polymelia also known as Heterotopic polymelia is a birth defect involving limbs (a type of dysmelia), in which the affected individual /animal has more than usual number of limbs attached to one or various parts of the body (Super numerary ectopic limb) (Rafiqul Islam et.
The character of the murderous albino Catholic monk Silas, an Opus numerary who hurt himself to show his faith, especially harmed Opus Dei's reputation.
I was fortunate my spiritual mentor at Harvard, a Numerary priest of Opus Dei, immediately introduced me to the habit of spiritual reading.
Using a duality approach, I assume that there exists a cost function for using electricity as a good "e" and a composite numerary good "y": c = c(pe,py, x), where pe is the price of electricity, py is the price of the composite numerary good, and x is the objective variable (utility for residential consumers, output for industrial consumers).
facial features, more than two nipples (super- numerary nipples), and multisystemic malformations that may vary from child to child.
made up of Opus Dei numerary and supernumerary members.
numerary teeth in American blacks and whites, American blacks had significantly higher prevalence of supernumerary teeth.
In all simulations the numerary of the model is the consumer price index of the economy.
She is a numerary member of the Ecuadoran Academy of Language.