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 (no͞o-mĕr′ĭ-kəl, nyo͞o-) also nu·mer·ic (-mĕr′ĭk)
1. Of or relating to a number or series of numbers: numerical order.
2. Designating number or a number: a numerical symbol.
3. Expressed in or counted by numbers: numerical strength.

[From Latin numerus, number; see number.]

nu·mer′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.numerically - in number; with regard to numbers; "in ten years' time the Oxbridge mathematicians, scientists, and engineers will not be much more significant numerically than the Oxbridge medical schools are now"
szám szerint
tölulega, meî tölum
v čísliciach
sayısal olarak


[njuːˈmerɪkəlɪ] ADVnuméricamente
numerically superior tocon superioridad numérica a, superiores en cuanto a su número a


advzahlenmäßig; the reports are numerically incorrectdie Zahlenangaben in den Berichten stimmen nicht


[njuːˈmɛrɪklɪ] advnumericamente


(ˈnjuːmərəl) noun
a figure used to express a number. 1, 10, 50 are Arabic numerals; I, X, L are Roman numerals.
nuˈmerical (-ˈme-) adjective
of, using or consisting of numbers. a numerical code.
nuˈmerically adverb
References in classic literature ?
How was it that the Russian army, which when numerically weaker than the French had given battle at Borodino, did not achieve its purpose when it had surrounded the French on three sides and when its aim was to capture them?
Why was the Russian army- which with inferior forces had withstood the enemy in full strength at Borodino- defeated at Krasnoe and the Berezina by the disorganized crowds of the French when it was numerically superior?
The most distinctive mark of substance appears to be that, while remaining numerically one and the same, it is capable of admitting contrary qualities.
To sum up, it is a distinctive mark of substance, that, while remaining numerically one and the same, it is capable of admitting contrary qualities, the modification taking place through a change in the substance itself.
He has a large following of the newer Galus, those most recently come up from the Kro-lu, and as this class is usually much more powerful numerically than the older Galus, and as Du-seen's ambition knows no bounds, we have for a long time been expecting him to find some excuse for a break with Jor the High Chief, my father.
They told us that they would be well received as additions to a tribe always are welcomed, and the more so as the distance from the beginning increased, the higher tribes or races being far weaker numerically than the lower.
Owing to their bloody duels, they are always numerically inferior to the women, so there is shelter for them all.
The poor creatures of this outer valley are not molested by us since they have nothing that we desire, nor are they numerically strong enough to give us an interesting fight--so we too leave them alone.
The little British army in East Africa, after suffering severe reverses at the hands of a numerically much superior force, was at last coming into its own.
Wollaston, that generally when varieties intermediate between two other forms occur, they are much rarer numerically than the forms which they connect.
They may be personally described as faint reflections of Geoffrey; and they may be numerically distinguished (in the absence of all other distinction) as One, Two, and Three.
These analyses observed that patients with UC treated with Entyvio compared to TNFalpha-antagonist therapy had statistically significant higher 12-month cumulative rates of mucosal healing and clinical remission, and numerically higher steroid-free clinical remission rates.