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Improvements in speed and accuracy, combined with dropping costs, have made 3D camera-based imaging and sensing systems ideal for dimensioning applications, explains Dan Hanrahan, president of The Numina Group.
"Last year we were telling companies that they needed to get ready for dim, and article after article emphasized the potential impact," says Dan Hanrahan, president of the warehouse automation integrator Numina Group.
At a press conference, Numina Group and Ferretto Group demonstrated a vertical lift module (VLM) with integrated voice picking technologies.
Kant's two worlds can be seen as related to Martin Heidegger's three worlds: 1) Mitwelt, or the "with-world," is the world around consisting of people (what Heidegger eventually came to call Dasein): this is an important part of Kant's world of physical phenomena--in this sense, man can be regarded as a human phenomenon (Teilhard de Chardin's terminology) surrounded by human phenomena; 2) Umwelt, the world around consisting of all objects and events, what we would call "the environment": this is also a major part of Kant's world of physical phenomena; 3) Selbstwelt, the world of the self, or "selfdom": this is an essential part of Kant's world of physical phenomena that is also a gateway to the world of transcendental numina (the latter idea according to romantic theorists).
Besides, western terms such as "transcendental," "spirit," or "demon" impose unwarranted connotations upon the indigenous numina to be studied, in addition to having only minimal explanatory power due to their own ambiguous semantics.
Something similar might have helped guide the uninitiated around the likes of Loretta Fahrenholz and Emily Sundblad's video of a sing along at Algus Greenspon, or the audio recording of septuagenarian composer-performer Charlemagne Palestine bantering with the crowd after a gig at NUMINA lente.
Anne Gordon - "Numina: Power, Spirit, Place," a novel about women coming to grips with the biblical creation story, 3 p.m.
From Numina Group, ADSI featured their One Step Plus product.
Nevertheless, the general idea of a 'natural religion' that in fact posed little threat or opposition to Christianity, and in which words such as geofon or punor remained numina without becoming personified deities such as Gefjun or Porr, has some intrinsic plausibility.