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 (no͞o′mə-nə, nyo͞o′-)
Plural of numen.


(Classical Myth & Legend) the plural of numen


(ˈnu mɪn, ˈnyu-)

n., pl. -mi•na (-mə nə)
divine or supernatural power or presence, esp. as associated with a particular place or object.
[1620–30; < Latin nūmen a nod, command, divine power, divinity, akin to nūtāre to nod the head in assent]
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Improvements in speed and accuracy, combined with dropping costs, have made 3D camera-based imaging and sensing systems ideal for dimensioning applications, explains Dan Hanrahan, president of The Numina Group.
di tibi, si qua pios respectant numina, si quid usquam iustitia est et mens sibi conscia recti, praemia digna ferant.
Last year we were telling companies that they needed to get ready for dim, and article after article emphasized the potential impact," says Dan Hanrahan, president of the warehouse automation integrator Numina Group.
At a press conference, Numina Group and Ferretto Group demonstrated a vertical lift module (VLM) with integrated voice picking technologies.
The relationship is complicated by the fact that human beings belong to both these worlds, but have limited access to them: 1) they can only sift through a limited number of physical phenomena, always therefore making selections of what to perceive with various degrees of attention and what not--and here a universal principle of economy seems to be operative; 2) for them the numina (Ding an Sich, the Thing in Itself) are a) entirely inaccessible--Kant's notion that we in fact will never get to know the numina, instead we will get acquainted with them only by agency of the phenomena; or b) only partially accessible Plato spoke of anamnesis, i.
Mille lares Geniumque ducis qui tradidit illos, urbs habet et vici numina trina collunt (Fasti 5, 145-146).
Besides, western terms such as "transcendental," "spirit," or "demon" impose unwarranted connotations upon the indigenous numina to be studied, in addition to having only minimal explanatory power due to their own ambiguous semantics.
Something similar might have helped guide the uninitiated around the likes of Loretta Fahrenholz and Emily Sundblad's video of a sing along at Algus Greenspon, or the audio recording of septuagenarian composer-performer Charlemagne Palestine bantering with the crowd after a gig at NUMINA lente.
From Numina Group, ADSI featured their One Step Plus product.
Nevertheless, the general idea of a 'natural religion' that in fact posed little threat or opposition to Christianity, and in which words such as geofon or punor remained numina without becoming personified deities such as Gefjun or Porr, has some intrinsic plausibility.
She belongs to that distinct group of specifically Roman numina whose official cults were usually instituted in response to portentous events that threatened the well-being of the res publica.