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 (no͞o′mĭz-măt′ĭk, -mĭs-, nyo͞o′-)
1. Of or relating to coins or currency.
2. Of or relating to numismatics.

[French numismatique, from Late Latin numisma, numismat-, coin, variant of Latin nomisma, from Greek, custom, current coin, from nomizein, to have in use, from nomos, custom; see nem- in Indo-European roots.]

nu′mis·mat′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌnu mɪzˈmæt ɪk, -mɪs-, ˌnyu-)

also nu`mis•mat′i•cal,

1. of or pertaining to coins or paper money.
2. of or pertaining to numismatics.
[1785–95; < French numismatique < Medieval Latin numismat- (s. of numisma) coin, Latin nomisma < Greek nómisma current coin (derivative from base of nomízein to use, have in common, derivative of nómos custom, law) + French -ique -ic]
nu`mis•mat′i•cal•ly, adv.


[ˌnjuːmɪzˈmætɪk] ADJnumismático


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Exhibitors from GCC countries and New Zealand are taking part in the exhibition along with 20 international philatelic and numismatic dealers.
Second, it will no longer be possible to order numismatic items at the beginning of every quarter the start of sale of numismatic items will be 5 business days before the date of their issue.
Jafarov noted that taking into account the importance of the new findings, the numismatic map of the Southeastern zone will be created for the first time.
com)-- Coin Marketplace, LLC has launched an online Numismatic Marketplace that caters to both serious Coin & Paper Money dealers as well as to the casual collector.
WRME) under which MIDsource will provide payment logistics and gateway services for credit card-based purchases of numismatic products sold in the United States, the company said.
The recommendations by the BSP's numismatic committee, which is in charge of designing the money, have been sent to the policymaking Monetary Board and are being finalized, Guinigundo said.
The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Numismatic Committee clarified that it has neither completed its study nor recommended any specific plating technology for the new-generation coins.
KUWAIT, Feb 1 (KUNA) -- The 57th anniversary of the opening of the National Post Office was celebrated by the Kuwait Philatelic and Numismatic Society along with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters on Sunday.
By the time this numismatic novelty arrives, it will only be worth about threepence anyway so it may be time to scrub down the benches, unfold the Union Jacks and prepare for street parties across the land.
The Tyneside Numismatic Society is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a display of coins and banknotes at the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle.
Before they do, however, they are lending some to the American Numismatic Association for its National Money Show, which opens on Thursday in Atlanta.
Numismatic cataloger Shafer and numismatic collector Sheehan present this catalog of emergency scrip from three economic downturns that have received much less attention than the Great Depression--crises of 1893, 1907, and 1914.