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A large, coin-shaped, fossil foraminifer of the genus Nummulites, widely distributed in limestone formations from the Eocene Epoch to the Miocene Epoch of the Cenozoic.

[From New Latin Nummulītēs, type genus, from Latin nummulus, diminutive of nummus, coin, probably from Greek nomimos, customary, legal; see nem- in Indo-European roots.]

num′mu·lit′ic (-lĭt′ĭk) adj.
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(ˈnʌmjʊˌlaɪt) or


(Palaeontology) any of various large fossil protozoans of the family Nummulitidae, common in Tertiary times: phylum Foraminifera (foraminifers)
[C19: from New Latin Nummulites genus name, from Latin nummulus, from nummus coin]
nummulitic adj
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Noun1.nummulite - large fossil protozoan of the Tertiary periodnummulite - large fossil protozoan of the Tertiary period
foram, foraminifer - marine microorganism having a calcareous shell with openings where pseudopods protrude
family Nummulitidae, Nummulitidae - a family of fossil protoctists
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The result of the study of nummulitids provided an association formed by the species Nummulites aff.
Several species of larger benthic foraminifera were recorded including; Nummulites mamillatus, N.
larger benthic foraminiera including Assilina laminosa and Nummulites sp.
1, Spiroculina sp., Quinqueloculina sp., Asterigerina sp., Nummulites spp., Neorotalia viennoti, Cibicidae gen.
The major lower part ( greater than 300m) is a carbonate facies of massive fossiliferous limestone dominated by Nummulites along with Alveolina, Discocyclina and Miliolids.
He described the Thebes Formation as massive to laminated limestone with flint bands or nodules and marl rich with Nummulites and planktonic foraminifera.
Tienen una composicion bioclastica con la presencia caracteristica de espinas de equinodermos y abundantes macroforaminiferos como Discocyclina seunesi y Nummulites heberti.
En la secuencia estudiada se presentan areas con grandes acumulaciones de foraminiferos, principalmente Lepidociclina, Miliolidos, algunos fragmentos de Nummulites, y otros restos de foraminiferos plantonicos no determinados.
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