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Noun1.nun's habit - a long loose habit worn by nuns in a convent
guimpe - a piece of starched cloth covering the shoulders of a nun's habit
habit - a distinctive attire worn by a member of a religious order
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She had made for herself a dress of some brown stuff like a nun's habit and had a crooked stick and carried all her belongings tied up in a handkerchief.
She didn't wear makeup, and was her nun's habit of a dress in navy blue?
Both women donned a black nun's habit and veil and one woman wore sunglasses.
In contrast, strong majorities approve of the Christian nun's habit (88%), the Jewish kippah (85%), the Sikh turban (77%) and the Islamic hijab (75%).
The film's opening shows a young Sister Prejean in a traditional nun's habit as she makes her vows in a church.
The story goes that a well-known actress, who was her next-door neighbor, informed her that she would see her husband's car drive out of a motel every Wednesday with a woman wearing a nun's habit.
I asked Sister John Paul if the photo of her wearing her black nun's habit while holding the antlers of the buck had been staged.
British astronaut Major Tim Peake before being blasted off into space "It's so nice to be horrible all day" Actress Caroline Quentin, who plays a villain in new BBC series Dickensian "It is impossible to swear when you are wearing a nun's habit.
His possessions are gone, but he's thankful to be alive" - Veteran actor Burt Reynolds on the highs and lows in his life "It is impossible to swear when you are wearing a nun's habit.
Thomas Episcopal Church, and his partner, Kat Damian, who wore robes and a nun's habit for "Sister Act.
Ms McCarthy's reaction was clearly an over-reaction: "I wanted to pull off the nun's habit, point my finger in her face, and call her another hypocrite in my life (p.