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A peak, ridge, or hill of bedrock that protrudes from a glacier's surface.

[West Greenlandic Inuit nunataq.]


(Physical Geography) an isolated mountain peak projecting through the surface of surrounding glacial ice and supporting a distinct fauna and flora after recession of the ice
[C19: via Danish from Inuktitut]
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Results from the newly-discovered Nunatak AG zone, 3 kilometers for the current resource base, included hole CMR17-92, which returned 17.
Hare and Hill decided to take all this on by themselves, sailing double-handed in the J120 Nunatak as team 'Hare Hill' and completing all the mountain stages together.
Carey Nunatak is named after Samuel Warren Carey AO, the founding professor of geology at the University of Tasmania who was awarded the Officer of the Order of Australia for his services to the field of geology.
Comments: PhytoCellTec nunatak is based on stem cells, which come from the high alpine plant Saponaria pumila.
Neve, Moraine, Nunatak, Ablation Zone and Terminus are the sections that model the narrative as well as any glacier according to an accumulation of stories/sediments, and their fragmentation; Nunatak implies an observation vantage point, Ablation narrates the death of an explorer and Terminus proclaims both narrative culmination and the end of the glacier (Omhovere 2005: 46).
Asked later what was on his mind when he heard the word nunatak, his winning word, he said: "Me and Vanya are going to be champions.
The well, called Nunatak, was highly anticipated as it was the first of several wells to be drilled to further establish the field's size.
THE smallest Live Earth show was in Antarctica - where the band Nunatak were the only group to perform.
Gigs on every continent saw Nunatak playing before penguins at a research station in Antarctica.
The five members of indie band Nunatak work at the British Antarctic Survey base.