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 (nən-chä′ko͞o) or nun·chuck (nŭn′chŭk′) or num·chuck (nŭm′-)
n. often nunchakus or nunchucks or numchucks
A pair of hardwood sticks joined by a chain or cord and used as a weapon.

[Okinawan Japanese, probably from Taiwanese neng-cak, a type of farm implement : neng, two, paired (akin to Mandarin liǎng, from Middle Chinese liaŋ´) + cak, chisel (akin to Mandarin záo, chisel, from Middle Chinese dzak).]


1. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) martial arts
a. a throwing weapon consisting of two sticks linked loosely with a chain or fine rope
b. (as modifier): nunchaku weapons.
2. (Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) (as modifier): nunchaku weapons.


(nʌnˈtʃɑ ku)

n., pl. -kus.
Sometimes, nunchakus. an Oriental hand weapon consisting of two sticks joined by a chain or cord.
Also called nun-chucks (ˈnʌnˌtʃʌks)
[1965–70; < Japanese]
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A MAN has appeared in court accused of attacking two people with a nunchuck outside a Newcastle city centre bar.
He helps fellow geek Pedro run for the class presidency, while feeding his pet llama Tina and practising nunchuck skills.
But all the fire and nunchuck action made it kind of hard to take it seriously.
Despite the man's vehement denials, Judge knocked him to the ground with the nunchuck, before attacking him with the knife and kicking and punching him.
uk Inside each set are two battling bots, controlled by you, via nunchuck style devices which mimic your movements onto the 'Borgs.
The prize includes a Nintendo Wii, a remote, Nunchuck controller, a Wii sports game, a Wii Sports Resorts game and a Mario Kart game with Mario Kart wheel.
Projects include building binary dice, a morse code generator library, sensor inputs, motion sensing game controllers, modifying a Nintendo Wii nunchuck, Arduino networking, creating a universal remote control and making a motor controller.
1) Bob McLaughlin, "And God Created the Nunchuck," Black Belt, February 1974, 8.
Each of the games make brilliant use of the Wii-Remote, the rowing has you paddling as you would paddle a canoe, the archery is pretty unique using the nunchuck to great effect in terms of aiming and firing.
a split-second later, he flipped out the nunchucks in a blur of black carbon-fiber and chrome chain, clipping the cop on the chin on the upstroke, and bonkin' himself on the forehead so hard I thought the nunchuck might have to be surgically removed.