Sertoli cells

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Ser·to·li cells

n.,pl. Sertoli, células de, células elongadas en los tubitos somníferos de los testículos a los cuales se adjuntan los espermatozoas para nutrirse hasta alcanzar madurez.
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13VEGF a cytokine on the surface of vascular endothelial cells macrophages and nurse cells is involved in vascular formation and reconstruction; VEGF combines with a specific receptor to increase vasopermeability.
In addition, we are investigating ways to attach homing receptors to these nurse cells in order to help direct NK cells to where they need to go, whether it's the lymph nodes, brain tissue, bone marrow or other areas.
Woodruff said that the discovery would enable researchers to understand how nurse cells (granulosa cells), the cells that support and surround the maturing egg, communicate with the egg.

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