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These resources include the camp health and safety manual, sample camp nurse log, sample medication administration form, computer training information, important contact numbers, and tips for success (see Table 1).
A plaque nearby the tree tells its story: "Before Columbus set sail for the Americas, this Sitka spruce began its life nourished by a nurse log." More than 500 years ago, a seedling first took root in a fallen, decayed log before growing around it and into the ground.
A rotting nurse log where Fasolt died sprouts vigorous young trees, with mushrooms shooting up through the blood-stained earth.
The work features a sixty-foot Western hemlock (the official state tree of Washington) nurse log that the artist found after months of searching forests for the perfect specimen.
David Suzuki and Wayne Grady join forces in Tree: A Life Story to chronicle the life of a giant Douglas fir tree in the Pacific Northwest, from its birth in the year Edward I became king of England through its fall in 1929 and its rebirth as a nurse log. At the heart of Tree: A Life Story are issues of strip-logging, conservation, and natural history, making for more than a singular discussion of tree environments and conservation.
The fallen tree becomes a "nurse log," providing a rich growing medium.
Then it's called a nurse log. By the time the saplings become tall trees, the log may have partly crumbled away.
After a 300-foot redwood falls, it serves as a nurse log to help new seedlings grow.
If it falls, it'll be a nurse log for a fern, or compost for a generation of trilliums, moss and lichens.
In their genetic imperative to survive, the young hemlocks will tap the nurse log's nutrients, and the strongest few will send their roots outward to find soil, eventually forming flaring "buttress" roots that will anchor them against winter winds.
The tree or stump that gives rise to these new saplings is called a "nurse log," which is essential to the ongoing health of the forest ecosystem.