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Paul's, and I should be as glad of your nurseryman and poulterer as you could be.
"Thank you; but there is no escaping these little vexations, Mary, live where we may; and when you are settled in town and I come to see you, I dare say I shall find you with yours, in spite of the nurseryman and the poulterer, perhaps on their very account.
Near the edge of the table lay three or four apples left by John Spaniard, a tree nurseryman who was Doctor Reefy's friend, and who had slipped the apples out of his pocket as he came in at the door.
He was a diffident though distinguished nurseryman, and feared that the audience might regard his bid as a foolish one.
A nurseryman took my advice and came to settle in the place, and I preached wholesome doctrine to the poor concerning the planting of fruit trees, in order that some day they should obtain a monopoly of the sale of fruit in Grenoble.
Arthur Allen; THE NURSERYMAN; Kernpunkt Press (Fiction: Literary) 14.99 ISBN: 9781732325142
Dirr, a retired horticulture professor and author, and Warren, a tree breeder and nurseryman, focus on trees available in the trade and used in landscaping; trees that are new, promising, and entering the trade; or unknown or overlooked trees worthy for breeding or adding to commercial production.
This bloom was originally brought from China in 1804 by Londoner John Middlemist, a nurseryman from Shepherd's Bush.
But in the late 19th century, it was French nurseryman Victor Lemoine who developed the cultivars that became so popular in the Victorian and Edwardian periods and remain classics today.
Within living memory, the telephone was used to order from the butcher, the baker, the fruiterer and the vegetable shop, as well as the nurseryman for plants and flowers.
Near-death experiences often provoke sensible scepticism but, as in the case of David Milarch, a Michigan nurseryman, they can sometimes do a lot of good.