nurses aide

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nurse′'s aide′

a person who assists professional nurses, as in a hospital, by performing such routine tasks as making beds and serving meals.
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Later, she graduated from the American Red Cross Nurses Aide Training Program.
The Marlboro Massachusetts native was a nurses aide and the daughter of the late John Green and Eleanor June Morse Spencer of Tennessee.
Miss Tootle was a nurses aide at the Washburn House for 12 years, retiring in 1987 and previously worked at States Nitewear in New Bedford for 26 years.
She has served as Chair for the American Red Cross Nurses Aides and the Detroit Chapter of Planned Parenthood.
Within the "top-down" hierarchy of nursing homes, the contributions of family members and nurses aides often are overlooked, resulting in feelings of powerlessness and resentment (Mok & Mui, 1996; Tellis-Nayak, 1988).
In addition, 200 other low-wage or unemployed residents will be trained as nurses aides and placed in jobs that increase their earnings.
The accord covers nurses aides, and dietary, housekeeping, and maintenance employees.

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