nut bar

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Noun1.nut bar - paste of nuts and sugar on a pastry base cut into bars
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
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EachSahale Snacks Layered Nut Bar is thoughtfully crafted to bring taste buds on an exciting journey through unique layers of crunchy and creamy -- delivering an exciting contrast in textures and flavors with each bite.
CADBURY'S iconic Fruit and Nut bar is facing the biggest recipe change in 90 years as sultanas are added for the first time.
I packed a Cadbury fruit nut bar,'' she said, laughing.
The line includes BluePrintCleanse, a raw juice cleanse program designed to detoxify the body; BluePrintJuice, a line of juice beverages; and BluePrintBar, a raw fruit and nut bar.
Fat was found to make up almost a third of a Tracker Roasted Nut bar and, while some of this came from peanuts and hazelnuts that provide some nutritional content, the ingredients also contained vegetable fat and harmful hydrogenated fats.
The Tracker Roasted Nut bar was found to be almost a third fat and contained some hydrogenated fat which is a particular risk in terms of increasing cholesterol in the blood.
She revealed that she has cut down drastically on her chocolate habit, restricting herself to an occasional Fruit & Nut bar.
In February of 2010 she began experimenting with all-natural ingredients she had on hand in her kitchen and came up with a chewy cinnamon, date and nut bar.
99 Caramel Nut Bar #201 - Rainbow Trout Soup Mug with 80z (227g) New Orleans $19.
The seven-strong range comprises three new lines, a dairy-free muesli bar, a wheat-free Choc & Nut bar and a dairy and gluten-free fruit & seed bar, as well as four of the company's existing free-from products, including a dairy free granola bar and a gluten-free chocolate orange brownie.
For the past 133 years, Ganong's chocolates have earned a number of 'firsts' that include the first All-Day Sucker, the five-cent chocolate nut bar, and that Maritime Christmas favorite--the Chicken Bone.
On the last day of my rotation I scribbled it down on the back of a wrapper from a Fruit and Nut Bar, and have kept it ever since.