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1. A small nut.
2. The stone or pit of certain fruits such as the peach or cherry.


1. (Botany) any of the one-seeded portions of a fruit, such as a labiate fruit, that fragments when mature
2. (Botany) the stone of a drupe, such as a plum
3. (Botany) a small nut


(ˈnʌt lɪt)

1. a small nut or nutlike fruit.
2. the stone of a drupe.
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Noun1.nutlet - a small nut
nut - usually large hard-shelled seed
pyrene - the small hard nutlet of a drupe or drupelet; the seed and the hard endocarp that surrounds it
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Description: Herbs perennial, rhizomatous and stoloniferous; culms few-noded, hollow; leaves eligulate; inflorescence paniculate, with many spikelets, primary bracts leaflike, sheathing; spikelets with few-many, spirally arranged persistent glumes, lower flower mostly functionally male, upper flowers bisexual with two stamens, bristles absent, nutlet ovoid, with a thick corky beak, surface smooth to wrinkled, embryo small and poorly developed, broadly obovate in outline, with a basal, poorly developed root cap and without a leaf primordium (embryo of the Juncus-type).
Micromorphological characters on nutlet and leaf indumentum of Teucrium sect.
amboinicus 3 3 4-15 2-13 Species Leaf Bracts Nutlet color Staminal apex filaments P.
Robbins'--or "nutlet"--house bat Scotophilus nucella is an insufficiently known taxon of the African rainforest zone based on just a handful of recorded specimens previously included in the nut-coloured house bat S.
Succession stage/category Fruit type Specific Seed morphological size, mm adaptation Pioneers Meconopsis racemosa Capsule No adaptation 1-2 The early stage/dominant species Arenaria delavayi Capsule No adaptation Meconopsis horridula Capsule No adaptation Common species Draba oreodoxa Silicle No adaptation 4 Cremanthodium smithianum Achene Pappus 4 Polygonum macrophyllum Achene No adaptation 2.5-3 Carex capilliformis Nutlet No adaptation 2 The Middle stage/Dominant species Arenaria delavayi Capsule No adaptation Kobresia fragilis Nutlet No adaptation 2-2.4 Pedicularis rupicola Capsule No adaptation 3 Carex capilliformis Nutlet No adaptation 2 Carex kansuensis Nutlet No adaptation 2 Polygonum macrophyllum Achene No adaptation 2.5-3 Common species Pedicularis sp.
b) Collecting herbarium control samples (about 180 collections) which were included as vouchers (Appendix 1) and nutlet samples for the project's sample file (currently containing 150 accessions); and
have many minute (< 1 mm long) terminally barbed prickles on the surfaces of each nutlet, and presented on long-reaching (30-40 cm) lateral stems.
This exquisitely nourishing Restorative Oil Blend -- cloaking hands in vital moisture -- is comprised of Meadowfoam Nutlet Oil, a crop highly-concentrated in emollients, and Australian Bois Oil whose lipid-rich, fatty acid structure helps seal in moisture to help prevent dehydration.
NONAGRAM: able; abler; albert; alert; alter; antler; bale; baler; battle; belt; blare; blatter; blear; bleat; blent; blue; bluer; bluet; blunt; blunter; blur; blurt; brutal; burl; butler; earl; elan; lane; late; latent; later; latten; latter; lean; leant; learn; learnt; lent; lube; lunate; lune; lure; lute; nebula; nebular; neural; neutral; nutlet; ratel; rattle; real; rebuttal; renal; rental; ruble; rule; runlet; table; tablet; tale; talent; teal; tubal; tunable; TURNTABLE; turtle; ulna; ulnar; ultra; unable; unreal.
FRUIT: 1/4" one-seed samara, nutlet surrounded by wing, hairy, notched at end.
On the basis of nutlet characteristics, floral venation and pigmentation, and the presence of heterostyly, C.