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1. A small nut.
2. The stone or pit of certain fruits such as the peach or cherry.
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1. (Botany) any of the one-seeded portions of a fruit, such as a labiate fruit, that fragments when mature
2. (Botany) the stone of a drupe, such as a plum
3. (Botany) a small nut
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(ˈnʌt lɪt)

1. a small nut or nutlike fruit.
2. the stone of a drupe.
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Noun1.nutlet - a small nut
nut - usually large hard-shelled seed
pyrene - the small hard nutlet of a drupe or drupelet; the seed and the hard endocarp that surrounds it
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Description: Herbs perennial, rhizomatous and stoloniferous; culms few-noded, hollow; leaves eligulate; inflorescence paniculate, with many spikelets, primary bracts leaflike, sheathing; spikelets with few-many, spirally arranged persistent glumes, lower flower mostly functionally male, upper flowers bisexual with two stamens, bristles absent, nutlet ovoid, with a thick corky beak, surface smooth to wrinkled, embryo small and poorly developed, broadly obovate in outline, with a basal, poorly developed root cap and without a leaf primordium (embryo of the Juncus-type).
Micromorphological characters on nutlet and leaf indumentum of Teucrium sect.
amboinicus 3 3 4-15 2-13 Species Leaf Bracts Nutlet color Staminal apex filaments P.
Robbins'--or "nutlet"--house bat Scotophilus nucella is an insufficiently known taxon of the African rainforest zone based on just a handful of recorded specimens previously included in the nut-coloured house bat S.
Succession stage/category Fruit type Specific Seed morphological size, mm adaptation Pioneers Meconopsis racemosa Capsule No adaptation 1-2 The early stage/dominant species Arenaria delavayi Capsule No adaptation Meconopsis horridula Capsule No adaptation Common species Draba oreodoxa Silicle No adaptation 4 Cremanthodium smithianum Achene Pappus 4 Polygonum macrophyllum Achene No adaptation 2.5-3 Carex capilliformis Nutlet No adaptation 2 The Middle stage/Dominant species Arenaria delavayi Capsule No adaptation Kobresia fragilis Nutlet No adaptation 2-2.4 Pedicularis rupicola Capsule No adaptation 3 Carex capilliformis Nutlet No adaptation 2 Carex kansuensis Nutlet No adaptation 2 Polygonum macrophyllum Achene No adaptation 2.5-3 Common species Pedicularis sp.
have many minute (< 1 mm long) terminally barbed prickles on the surfaces of each nutlet, and presented on long-reaching (30-40 cm) lateral stems.
This exquisitely nourishing Restorative Oil Blend -- cloaking hands in vital moisture -- is comprised of Meadowfoam Nutlet Oil, a crop highly-concentrated in emollients, and Australian Bois Oil whose lipid-rich, fatty acid structure helps seal in moisture to help prevent dehydration.
NONAGRAM: able; abler; albert; alert; alter; antler; bale; baler; battle; belt; blare; blatter; blear; bleat; blent; blue; bluer; bluet; blunt; blunter; blur; blurt; brutal; burl; butler; earl; elan; lane; late; latent; later; latten; latter; lean; leant; learn; learnt; lent; lube; lunate; lune; lure; lute; nebula; nebular; neural; neutral; nutlet; ratel; rattle; real; rebuttal; renal; rental; ruble; rule; runlet; table; tablet; tale; talent; teal; tubal; tunable; TURNTABLE; turtle; ulna; ulnar; ultra; unable; unreal.
FRUIT: 1/4" one-seed samara, nutlet surrounded by wing, hairy, notched at end.
On the basis of nutlet characteristics, floral venation and pigmentation, and the presence of heterostyly, C.