The edible kernel of a nut.


(Plants) US the part of a nut that is inside the shell and can be eaten



the kernel of a nut, usu. edible.
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The kernel or nutmeat should be yellow to dark green in colour.
When acorns dry, the shell becomes more brittle and the nutmeat shrinks slightly, detaching it from the hull and making it easier to crack.
Maggots also cause walnut husks to become slimy and sticky, which blackens the walnut shells, making them unmarketable and the nutmeat difficult to process (Poland et al.
The husk protects the layers beneath it, notably the light-tan almond shell and the nutmeat that develops within it.
Penny Kris-Etherton, Distinguished Professor of Nutrition at Penn State, and colleagues gave 15 participants with elevated blood cholesterol 1 of 4 treatments: 85 g of whole walnuts, 6 g of skin, 34 g of defatted nutmeat, or 51 g of walnut oil.
When considering why her principal liked her, she reaches epiphany: "Perhaps [Principal Benjamin] had been drawn to Melba precisely because he had sensed in her an utter lack of distinction, a pinched, lackluster quality that would only intensify with the years, eventually yielding a person so small and blanched he could put her in the pocket of his mustard-colored frock coat, marking her absently from time to time with his thumbnail as he might mark a nutmeat.
Nutmeat is separated from shell, sorted by size and inspected by machines and humans before being packaged and boxed.
Secondly, its nutmeat, while equally edible and nutritious, was stronger tasting.
In a randomized-controlled trial, the researchers gave 15 participants with elevated blood cholesterol one of four treatments-either 85 grams of whole walnuts, 6 grams of skin, 34 grams of defatted nutmeat, or 51 grams of oil.
The scam allows sellers to double profits by enabling them to sell not only the fake nuts but also the edible nutmeat separately.
The scientists watched as three groups of chimps ambled through their territories, spending hours banging hard-shelled Coula edulis nuts up to 30 times before getting the nutmeat inside.
Salmonella did not grow on high-Aw nutmeat halves, pieces or granules stored at 4 C for up to 48 hours.