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1. An evergreen tree (Myristica fragrans) native to the East Indies and cultivated for its aromatic seeds.
2. The hard, aromatic seed of this tree, used as a spice when grated or ground.
3. A grayish to moderate brown.
4. The act of kicking a soccer ball between the legs of a defender.
tr.v. nut·megged, nut·meg·ging, nut·megs
To kick a soccerball between the legs of (a defender).

[Middle English notemuge, probably ultimately from Old French nois mugede, alteration of nois muscade, nut smelling like musk, from Old Provençal notz muscada : notz, nut (from Latin nux, nuc-, nut) + muscada, smelling like musk (from musc, musk, from Late Latin muscus; see musk). N., sense 4 and v., perhaps from earlier slang nutmegs, testicles, or current slang nuts, testicles (since the nutmegged ball passes between the defender's legs) or perhaps from rhyming slang nutmeg, leg.]
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According to The Sun, during the shoot, Rooney was cheekily nutmegged by one of the local players selected to take part in the commercial.
In the Celtic kid's first training session with Roy Keane the Irish legend nutmegged his young opponent.