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The labia minora. No longer in technical use.

[New Latin, from pl. of Latin nympha, nymph, from Greek numphē, bride, nymph, clitoris.]
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In the Neotropics, second-instar Eriococcidae nymphae are responsible for gall induction in three systems: Pseudotectococcus rolliniae--Rollinia laurifolia (Annonaceae), Eriogalococcus isaias--Pseudobombax grandiflorum (Malvaceae), and Bystracoccus mataybae--Matayba guianensis (Sapindaceae).
Functional response of Cosmoclopius nigroannulatus (Reduviidae) to different densities of Spartocera dentiventris (Coreidae) nymphae. Braz.
Before I began to play with the seeds of the Nymphae thermarum, I knew that there were about 50 plants left in Rwanda and only two in Bonn -- this was part of why I had been so drawn to these beautiful lilies.
The "sweet sprites" commended by Ariel in The Tempest (1.2.380) become, in Hopkins's Latin rendering, "dulces nymphae" (Songs from Shakespeare (a), 1.
Bernardino et al., "Effects of the essential oil obtained from Pilocarpus spicatus Saint-Hilaire (Rutaceae) on the development of Rhodnius prolixus nymphae," Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, vol.
There is also confusion and ambiguity between "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" the clitoris and "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" the labia minora in other words such as Nymphotomy, which nineteenthcentury physician and medical lexicographer Robley Dunglison defines as "the excision of the nymphae", but he also notes that other people have used it for "the amputation of the clitoris" (ibid).
& L.M.Perry Nymphaeaceae Nymphae a alba L Niloofar Papaveraceae Fumaria parviflora Lam.
nouimus et qui te transversa tuentibus hirquis et quo--sed faciles Nymphae risere--sacello.
[The Elementals] live in the four elements: the Nymphae in the element of water, the Sylphs in that of the air, the Pigmies in the earth, and the Salamanders in the fire.