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n. pl. nym·pho·lep·sies
1. A frenzy supposed by ancient peoples to have been induced by nymphs.
2. An emotional frenzy.

[From nympholept.]

nym′pho·lep′tic (-lĕp′tĭk) adj.
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Still, the passage quoted above from Shelley's masterpiece that begins with "My soul is an enchanted boat" (Prometheus unbound, Act II, 5) is, according to the American critic, perhaps the culmination of "nympholeptic longing" at least from English romanticism.
Moreover, while Delores uses Humbert for money, he in turn uses her to gratify his nympholeptic obsession.
Similarly, a young man wearing green cravats with a butterfly in his mouth is described as 'a maximum of four cravats worn by anaemic nympholeptic high school kids of the future' and has inspired the Scabal cravat tie, a key accessory for spring/summer 2008.