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A geologic process in which the oceanic crust of the edge of a tectonic plate is thrust over the continental crust of the edge of another, adjacent plate.

[Latin obductiō, obductiōn-, act of covering or enveloping, from obductus, past participle of obdūcere, to draw forward, cover over : ob-, toward, before; see ob- + dūcere, to lead, draw; see deuk- in Indo-European roots.]

ob·duct′ v.
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After the AAO template was fabricated, a nanoimprinting machine (NIL-3.0 Imprinter; Obduct AB, Sweden) fulfilled imprinting.
The Muslim Bagh-Zhob Ophiolite, west of the SFTB, were also obducted onto the passive margin of the Indian Plate along Zhob Valley Thrust during this phase (Alleman, 1979; Sarwar, 1992; Ahmed, 1996; Gnos et al., 1996; Kakar et al., 2012).
The Neyriz-Kermanshah Ophiolitic Belt in suture zone is a remnant of the Neo-Tethys ocean that was obducted along the Zagros margin.
The mineralization was developed on a sea floor spreading center within the Alpin Ophiolite system and then obducted as part of the AOC.
Outcrops of serpentinite, belonging to the obducted Oman-UAE ophiolite, outcrop in places along the Faya range (Farrant et al., 2006).
Saunders, 1998, The internal structure of oceanic plateaus: Inferences from obducted Cretaceous terranes in western Colombia and the Caribbean: Tectonophysics, v.
Elevated Cr contents in the Upper Ordovician of the Aizpute section were explained by terrigenous influx from the weathering of ultramafic rocks obducted during the Caledonian orogenesis in Central Europe and Norway (Kiipli et al.
Spectacular coastal exposures and glacially scoured hilltops provide an unparalleled cross-section through continental margins, oceanic crust (in situ and obducted), island arcs, back arcs, and sedimentary basins.
At least parts of the outer edge of the Gander margin were then uplifted and rifted, and the obducted Penobscot Arc rocks largely removed by erosion.
Metamorphism of an obducted island arc: Example of the Kohistan sequence (Pakistan) in the Himalayan collided range.