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Plural of obelus.
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Called Appearance of the Obeli, it's been developed by local business collective FOR Cardiff and game-makers Casefile and follows the success of last year's event, which saw more than 200 players participating.
As for [phrase omitted], Allan (personal communication apud Walzer-Mingay's critical apparatus) postulates a lacuna between [phrase omitted] and what follows; Dirlmeier (T7a) emends [phrase omitted] into Ton and inserts [phrase omitted]; Walzer-Mingay (T8a) take [phrase omitted] to be corrupt and put it between obeli. No such interventions are necessary: cf.
it behooves any employer in the accounting field to understand the basic parameters as a federal eac Obeli won't be binding in state court but will be instructive).
KP S2 knygeleje vertinami du kilmininkinio prielinksnio vartosenos atvejai: greta ko vartosena su judejimo veiksmazodziais, kai judama pro stovinti objekta, laikoma neteiktina (akmuo prasvilpe greta obels (= pro (pat) obeli), o greta ko ir salia ko vietos reiksme teikiami kaip lygiaverciai normos variantai (KP S2 2003: 40).
a me m d dog is al a en e to eati ting br b ea e d half l a one-e a bu b rg r e Th T Anim bein i foun u per o w obeli l ma The PDSA's Animal Wellbeing report found that 61 per cent of owners believed treats made their pets happy - with only three per cent feeling guilty about it.
The author utilized the asterisks and obeli known from Origen's Hexapla as critical signs and indicated variant readings in the margins.
This would gain strong support if our papyrus had two obeli before lines 597-8 which Aristarchus had athetized ([Sigma] on Il.
The fifth column with its Aristarchean asterisks, obeli and metobeli, was simply an attempt to help the reader to focus attention on and aid him in understanding the LXX, whose accuracy as translation was guaranteed by a dispensatio providentiae.
Obelies upelio vandens kokybes kaitos analize [The changes of the water quality of the Obelis stream under antropoghenic activity], Vandens ukio inzinerija [Water Management Engineering].