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Any of various marine hydroids of the genus Obelia that exist chiefly as colonies of polyps growing in a branchlike form on surfaces such as piers or rocks.

[New Latin Obelia, genus name, probably from Greek obeliās, a loaf baked on a spit, from obelos, a spit.]
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(Animals) a type of coelenterate of the genus Obelia that is found as a woolly mass growing on pieces of wood, etc in the sea
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(oʊˈbil yə, oʊˈbi li ə)

n., pl. -lias.
any colonial marine hydrozoan of the genus Laomedea (Obelia), appearing as a delicate, mosslike growth on rocks, pilings, etc.
[1865–70; < New Latin < Greek obelías a loaf toasted on a spit =obel(ós) a spit (see obelisk) + -ias n. suffix]
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Some less frequent species occurred in high abundances in each site, such as Orthopyxis integra, Obelia geniculata and Ectopleura crocea.
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sarsiand Porella sacata) and one from the phylum Hydrozoa (Obelia loveni) were not listed in WoRMS, but were verified using the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS, www.itis.gov).
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The most abundant settlers at the oyster site were the hydroid Obelia sp.
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Sketch the Obelia Cnidaria (cnidaria set) medusa (pelagic form) Obelia Medusae slide and label the bell, Deerhorn coral skeleton mouth, and tentacles.
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