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v. o·beyed, o·bey·ing, o·beys
1. To carry out or fulfill the command, order, or instruction of.
2. To carry out or comply with (a command, for example).
To behave obediently.

[Middle English obeien, from Old French obeir, from Latin oboedīre, to listen to : ob-, to; see ob- + audīre, to hear; see au- in Indo-European roots.]

o·bey′er n.
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And not only because the commander beareth the burden of all obeyers, and because this burden readily crusheth him:--
"Al-Alaq met Eric Chovalier, Director of the Center for Crisis and Logistics Support at the French Foreign Ministry in the presence of French Ambassador Borno Obeyer," a statement by the Cabinet Secretariat said.
He is usually portrayed as a plodder, an obeyer of rules and regulations.